masturbation course, Female Masturbation club for ordinary women from all over the world
Welcome to Masturbears. My name is Sjandra. I am a masturbation teacher and therapist. I teach groups of women in my classroom or in the garden. My students include teens, business women, housewives, grannies, sisters as well as mothers who masturbate together with their daughters / step daughters or daughters-in-law.
This masturbation club is especially popular with women, but men are also welcome. Perhaps the secret to our popularity is our approach: we keep it personal, cozy and intimate.
This club was founded in 2008 and today in 2022 we have become a big popular club for those looking for something different.
new movies and pictures May 21 2022
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British BBW Sue. "Outdoor during my holiday in Spain"
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Emma from Vancouver. "I squirt like i piss"
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Lize From Belgium. "New to this community"
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Sanna. Flexible Masturbear from New Zealand
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German Milf Hanna. "Happy with hairy twat"
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Mother Kimora from Japan. Huge gaping Pussy, kinky solo
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MIchelle, Florida Mom 54. "I like it outdoor"
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2 sisters and a step sister cumming together
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meeting of our masturbears
Masturbears summer event
Enjoy my HD movie of my visit to Canada. A special event: Masturbating and cumming together with 62 girls! Many videos from our popular an annual recurring summer therapy.
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Stepsisters Donna and Abigail
'We still live in our family home in Miami. We often masturbate together on the couch while telling each other's fantasies or watching erotic movies.'
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'I am a free and independent woman from Virginia and living as a ceramist. I have friends in Florida with a yacht. When I sail naked with them, I always treat them to a horny solo. There's nothing like an outdoor orgasm'.
This full movie in HD? All movies with the two of us? All my movies on the yacht?
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