Welcome. This is a famous, unique and sensational blog. My name is Sjandra, a masturbation teacher / therapist from Amsterdam. I teach between 20 and 30 women in my class room or in my garden. I teach mature girls, I teach teens, friends, grannies.

In 2008 I started this masturbation blog and club on the Internet. What an overwhelming success! Today in 2017 we are still growing and growing. Every day I welcome new members from all over the world in my masturbation community. Every hour I recieve new home made masturbation movies from my members. I think one of the secrets of my succes is my approach to sex. The female sexuality rules in my community.

HD movie of my visit to Canada last Summer. A special event: Masturbating and cumming together with 62 girls! Many videos from our popular an annual recurring summer therapy.

Ushi 25 years old. Born in Asia, today living in Amsterdam. I like to teach other females of this community how to squirt. Technique is important, but the first thing you need for an ejaculation is enough sexual inspiration. Be horny !

Tracey Texan mom and granny. I'm one of the oldest members of this community (62). Fortunately I still have an extreme high level of sexual energy. I'm very active with my toys and still open for new sexual experiences.
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Anal Masturbears Ejaculating Masturbears

Expert in anal Masturbation
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"I go real deep "
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while rubbing my clit
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" I squirt like a fountain"
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" tasting my own juices"
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"anal toying and ejaculating"
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Social masturbears
Teens from Danmark

" We have a lot of fun "
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Virginia Masturbears

Neighbors together
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German Milfs

Making their own tools
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See the masturbears who are today, Tue Jun 27  available at home, to show you their way of masturbation, to share with you their sexuality, to inspire other people.

Kinky Masturbears

Kinky single from Ohio
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how bigger how better
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" Im a pervert :)"
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Outdoor masturbears

Dutch Nudist camping
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Ohio girl in the wild
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nature of New Zealand
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Masturbears from all over the world

Kiwa from Tokio
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Anisia, sweet young female
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We have even muslima's
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A Slumbdog Masturbear
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Mexican masturbation way
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